World Cup Brazil 2014 Word of The Day: Irony

Jul 9

Netherlands vs. Argentina World Cup Brazil 2014 Google Doodle

irony |ˈīrənē, ˈiərnē|
noun (pl. ironies)
when the experience of watching the animated Google Doodle that commemorates the Netherlands vs. Argentina soccer match, in the World Cup Brazil 2014, is more overwhelming than the actual match itself.

5 Things That Tell Me You Are Not An Artist

Apr 9

The past several months we've met with many young filmmakers who've approached the Radicate Fund to get their films made. I am all for independent filmmaking, but it's the independent filmmaker thinking that's just tasteless to me. It's as tasteless as cling plastic wrap. I've tasted it. It's tasteless. Trust me.

Many young filmmakers walk into the meeting with this I-am-an-artist-and-you-should-be-grateful-for-knowing-me attitude. It's just boring, man.

Let me illustrate what I mean with an example of a conversation between us and the 'artist formerly known as artist' (afkaa):

Me: You seem to have it all figured out, so why are you speaking with us about this?

Afkaa: We need money for this project and since we're artists we thought you'd be interested in investing in it.

Me: Sorry to hear that, but no, you're not artists. We've never heard of you before you called us over the phone.

AFKAA: We're award winning

Me: Oh, you've won awards

Afkaa: Well, one award.

Me: One award?

Afkaa: Yeah, at college.

Me: (Looking at Afkaa blankly) Ahuh. So, you won one intramural award. I guess we judged you wrong.

Afkaa: No, it was an award for best art project in class.

Me: Oh. And how many of you in that class?

Afkaa: Seventeen.

Me: Yep, we judged you wrong.

So for the benefit of future afkaas who call for a meeting with our fund, here are some of the things that

Extraterrestrial life? Come on!

Apr 4

Mighty jets of Enceladus - NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

The mighty jets of Enceladus appear in this image, taken by Cassini as it flew over the moon’s south pole. Image (via Wired Magazine): NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

This Wired article was an interesting read, but extraterrestrial life?

Look, I believe there's life out there… deep in the dark of… space:…

Curse you 2013!

Jan 1

What the fuchsia, 2013?!

I was waiting for it. All research pointed to it. Heck, all omens about the prophecy (if you’re into that sorta’ bull crap) pointed to it!

I waited and waited. Yet, nothing.

Goddam Lumosity!

Dec 25

I rarely have time to watch TV these days. But when I do I spend some 3 to 4 hours straight in front of the tube. What surprised me this time was the first ad I saw as soon as I turned on the TV.

It was this fuchsia-ing ad from Lumosity.

If the video of the ad doesn't appear above, you can try reloading the page or clicking this link to view it on YouTube.

Their ads are everywhere. In sidebars of blogs I visit. In ads on articles. Heck, even the articles themselves are sometimes

TV shows I’m looking forward to in Q1 2014

Dec 15

Lately time in front of the TV has made more sense. I don't waste my time with looking for news on TV. The internet filtered via Google Alerts basically does that for me. Ah, but entertainment, the TV is still my go-to device.

The second half of 2013 brought us some good stuff. The ones I've enjoyed watching are "Orange Is The New Black" "The Blacklist" and "The Following."

If Lionsgate Gets Into Books Business It Would Make Sense To Me

Dec 10

After the success with the Twilight movies, and now The Hunger Games series, at least to me Lions Gate has graduated from that endearing status of "the little studio that could" to a major contender in film production in North America.

Some cast of the film "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire"

Image source: from this article on OK! Magazine

Sticking to the book-to-film (BTF) strategy in a big way, has put them in an enviable position with healthy revenue. The last time I heard of successes like theirs was from Miramax (later acquired by Disney.)

But I can't help think another interesting strategy is for Lionsgate to get into the publishing business. And I see this in the cards for 2 simple reasons:

Things I learned from watching ‘Jobs’.

Aug 19
"Jobs" The Movie

I managed to catch the film ‘Jobs’ on opening day, in Singapore last week. Steve Jobs is like a big deal here. His name commands respect and awe.

Who wouldn’t be inspired by a man who overcame challenges such as family background, body odor, an inability to get along with people, constantly complaining about insignificant stuff, e.g. fonts; while using it to distract us from the fact he couldn’t code to save his life, having no clue how to use pause on a Discman, and went on to build one of the world’s most valuable companies? I know. That was a long question but you’ll get what I’m saying here when you see the movie.