I rarely have time to watch TV these days. But when I do I spend some 3 to 4 hours straight in front of the tube. What surprised me this time was the first ad I saw as soon as I turned on the TV.

It was this fuchsia-ing ad from Lumosity.

If the video of the ad doesn't appear above, you can try reloading the page or clicking this link to view it on YouTube.

Their ads are everywhere. In sidebars of blogs I visit. In ads on articles. Heck, even the articles themselves are sometimes those misleading ones that you read, about how your brain works and how you could do more to get a better memory or help you think better laterally or diagonally or whateverlly-is-the-brain-thinking-flavor-of-the-season-that-darn-Google-recruiters-are-thinking-is-right-lly, then you click on a link to Lumosity only to find that to really save your brain you got to have a subscription-lly with them-lly.

And now they're on my fuchsia-ing TV! They're fuchsia-ing every where!